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Asking Jude

Welcome to your safe haven, love.

Mental Health Support

without a price-tag

Receive mental health support free of charge from the comfort of your own home. Get help from a team of trained psychology students and a loving community of fellow users.

Counseling Opportunities

without needing a fancy degree

Gain clinical experience and help those who need it most with an internship that works around your schedule to prepare you for a career in the health field.

Paige Gilmar

Paige was one of the many American teenagers who could not afford mental health care. Even if she was fed by the silver spoon, her close others were fed far more stigma and would never allow her to seek help. Amidst the tumult of  


mental health crises, Paige would become the difference and that difference was  Asking Jude.


Since December 2013, Paige has worked tirelessly to provide an online supportive service for those like her. Her now 30,000+ community is looked after by herself and a team of  trained psychology students. For almost a decade, Asking Jude has provided love and support to thousands of users without putting up the therapist's paywall. Paige still continues to fight for the belief that mental health services should be free and accessible for everyone, not just the well-to-do. In the famous Beatles' song "Hey Jude," Paige believes that Jude should write his own song too.

Our Founder

A picture of Paige Gilmar


Comments from the Community

“I’ve written to you a couple of times when I was at my lowest, and I wanted to thank you for your kind words back then. Even knowing the existence of the platform you’ve created gave me comfort; that there is someone out there who can hear me out without judgement or prejudice. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this platform. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


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