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  • What will happen to Asking Jude's original Tumblr page?
    As with all of our social media accounts, Asking Jude's Tumblr page will remain active. Content such as positive quotes and infographics will still be posted on a daily basis; however, any question submitted to our Tumblr will be redirected to
  • What if I ask a question on Asking Jude's Tumblr page?
    You will not be penalized for asking a question on our Tumblr page. It should be known that all questions will be uploaded and answered on Once one of our interns answers your questions, you will be redirected to our website with a link and an encouraging message to join this amazing community.
  • What is the difference between the "Ask Jude" and "Ask the Community" threads?"
    The "Ask Jude" thread is a forum page that limits users to only interact with the Asking Jude Team. This thread is for users looking to seek professional advice from a peer counselor trained in psychology and other health-related sciences. Upon asking a question, you will receive a well written reply brimming with support, counseling techniques, and resources to use in the future. The "Ask the Community" thread is a forum page that facilitates unlimited interactions between users. Unlike the "Ask Jude" thread, "Ask the Community" is a discussion page for users to find support in each other. Because these users are not formal members of the team, the responses will be more informal and laidback.
  • What do I do if a user is engaging in inappropriate behavior on a community thread?
    In order to post on Asking Jude's forum, every user is required to agree to our "Terms and Conditions" upon signing up. Within this agreement, it states that any user violating the "Terms and Conditions" must be reported to the website's administrator via the "Contact" page. If you see a user violating said agreement, report it to the Asking Jude Team immediately.
  • I had a negative experience on Asking Jude with a team member and/or a fellow user. What should I do?
    By all means, please, tell us! Our team will try our hardest to redeem this negative experience for a positive one. If you felt our team members didn't answer your question properly or some user treated you poorly, we will handle it with speed and grace. We can even provide you with a free one-on-one peer support session via webcam and/or phone or a small care package. In order to report this, please, go to the "Contact" page and voice your concerns.
  • What happened to Asking Jude's Youtube channel?
    Right now, Asking Jude's Youtube channel is on hiatus. Our founder is working tirelessly to consolidate her ASMR channel with Asking Jude's to create a mental health oasis on Youtube. Join our newsletter here, so you never miss an annoucement!
  • Does Asking Jude operate on other social media platforms?
    Of course! Below, you may find a list of the platforms we use as well as the links to follow, subscribe, and like: Our Facebook Our Twitter Our Youtube (for now) Our Newsletter Please, show us love on all platforms!
  • How do I donate to Asking Jude? Can I do a one-time donation for now?
    For monthly donations which is preferred by the Asking Jude community, you must sign up for a Patreon account here and link your Paypal and/or bank account. Once you have done this, you can give the allotted amounts available. We'd be happy with even one dollar per month! Every contribution counts towards the greater good of free therapy. Be that as it may, if you are in a compromised financial situation, the Asking Jude Team understands. You can donate at your leisure through our personal Paypal here; however, we hope that you will become a monthly patron in the future!

Our therapy doesn't need insurance, just your assurance.

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