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Paige Jude Gilmar

Founder, CEO, and Hiring Manager


Between a Beatles' song and a crisis, Paige founded Asking Jude in December 2013 to see an 1,000 follower-blog transform into a 30,000+ community. Paige began as the first and only peer counselor until the rapidly expanding community demanded another helping hand; she founded Asking Jude's internship program in 2015 and worked as its former hiring manager. In 2020, Paige graduated from McGill University with dueling degrees in psychology and communications. Jack-of-all-trades, Paige has worked in print/broadcast journalism for over seven years, receiving internships from Publishers Weekly and even manning her own podcast series "Sober Truth." She is currently a staff writer for Legion Magazine while studying American journalism from New York University. 

Graduate of McGill University with

BAs in Psychology and English Literature

Studying for a Master's in Journalism at New York University

Anna Baghdassarian

Social Media Marketer and Manager


Anna is a junior at Friends Academy High School on Long Island. She hopes to work in sports media and marketing one day, creating content for different sports teams. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and going to the beach.  

Attending Long Island's Friends Academy

Molly Townsend
Molly Townsend Picture_edited.jpg

Molly is currently in the process of receiving her Associate's of Science from the New Mexico Junior College, and she plans to continue with a Bachelor's in psychology. She likes to read in her spare time, specifically historical fiction. She resonates with Asking Jude because she has personally struggled with mental health in the past, and she wants to learn how to help people who struggle with the same thing. 

Quality Control Analyst

Studying for an Associate's of Science at

New Mexico Junior College

Jordan Sadan
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 4.45.23 PM.png

Jordan is currently majoring in neuroscience and behavior at the University of Notre Dame.  As a passionate mental health care advocate, Jordan hopes to be a source of comfort and advice for anyone that may be struggling.  She aspires to specialize in adolescent psychopathy and plans to conduct research in the field during her time at university.  She also aims to expand and support greater mental health efforts in her local campus community.  In her free time, Jordan loves to play sports, read, and write.  She is excited to be part of Asking Jude and to help cultivate a safe haven for anyone who needs it!

Marketing Media Manager and Peer Counselor

Studying for a Bachelor's in neuroscience and behaviour from Notre Dame University

Andrea Anderson

Senior Peer Counselor


Andrea is a 30 year-old woman who is working to obtain her Master's in clinical mental health counseling at North Carolina State University.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology. She hopes to become a marriage-and-family therapist. Andrea wants to specialize in families dealing with disabilities. She has Leber’s congenital amaurosis—an inherited, degenerative eye condition—which means she is legally blind. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and assisting others.

Graduate of Fayetteville State University

with a BA in psychology

Studying for a Master's in clinical mental health counseling at North Carolina State University

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The Team

Rebecca Klein

Peer Counselor


 Rebecca Klein is currently a junior at The College of New Jersey, majoring in clinical/counseling psychology and minoring in Spanish. She aspires to be a therapist in the future, specializing in family/marriage counseling. She grew up in Millstone Township, New Jersey. In her free time, she enjoys going on bike rides, reading rom-coms, and spending time with her friends. She also loves to travel and has been to Italy, France, Norway, Mexico, and Japan! 

Studying for a Bachelor's in clinical psychology and Spanish at The College of New Jersey

Mikayla Fray

Peer Counselor


Mikayla aspires to one day pursue a career in the field of psychiatry or clinical research. Post graduation, she plans to take time to build her professional experience in the clinical field. She has always been passionate about mental healthcare, and she hopes that in the future, she can be a provider to those in need. Outside of work and school, she enjoys creating art, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Studying for a Bachelor's in clinical and counselling psychology at The College of New Jersey

Angelica Barile

Peer Counselor


Angelica is a 26-year-old bisexual writer here at Asking Jude. She studied to become an English teacher in college. She spends her time outside of work playing video games, reading, writing, and hanging out with friends. Angelica has a passion for helping and teaching others which led her to Asking Jude. She hopes that her experiences as a teacher will allow her to offer proper counsel to all those who need it.

Graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey

with a BA in English literature and a minor in Spanish

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